What is a triathlon?

Triathlon is currently one of the fastest growing sports and involves various distances of swimming, biking and running depending upon the race. The Active Triathlon is a sprint distance triathlon (400m swim/17Km bike/5km run). This race is ideal for beginners or novice triathletes or those in training for a longer distance.

Can anyone enter?

If you have never done a triathlon, then The Active Triathlon is a great place to start! Do not worry if you are a beginner since you won’t be alone!

Anyone aged 17 or over (on 31 December 2014) can enter.

Do I need to train?

As with all sporting challenges, you will have to train!

To ensure you are physically fit, it is advised to train for the event so that you can and maximise the enjoyment and sense of achievement when completing the triathlon.

The best way to prepare is to follow a training programme. If you would like a personalised training programme or require some guidance, then feel free to contact one of the Fitness Instructors in the leisure centre who will be more than happy to help.

You are also advised to speak to your GP to ensure you in good health before you start training for the event.

What equipment do I need?

Swimming costume/trunks and goggles for the swim. A roadworthy bicycle and a cycle helmet. Bikes must be in a safe and roadworthy condition with brakes in good working order. Spot checks will be made to verify this. No fixed wheel bikes allowed.

Cycle helmets must be approved by BSI, ANSI, Snell or equivalent standards authorities and must not have any cracks, or other signs of damage. Your cycle helmet must be on your head and done up before you touch your bike to take it from the rack. You must not undo it until the bike is re-racked at the end of the bike section.

Finally, for the run/walk, you will require running shoes or trainers.

Can I wear running shoes for my cycle?


What time will the event start?

The day will start at 8am. Entrants will be sorted into ‘waves’, depending on their estimated time for the swim. Your personal start time will be confirmed in advance of the day, but we strongly suggest that you arrive early in plenty of time to register, rack your bike and get familiar with your surroundings.

What finish time should I expect for my first triathlon?

If this is your first time taking part in a triathlon you can expect to finish it between 1 hour and 2.5 hours. Average times for each section would be approximately: swim (400m) 10-12mins, bike (20km) 40mins and run (5km) 30mins.

Can my friends/family come into the transition area with me?

No, but the course is spectator friendly with plenty of space for your family and friends to cheer you on and enjoy the electric atmosphere.

Please visit the Spectator page for more info.

What is drafting?

The Active Triathlon is known as a non-drafting race which means you cannot ride directly behind another cyclist or ride in a pack. You must keep a 10m gap between you and the cyclist in front but if you wish to overtake you have 30 seconds in the 10m draft zone to complete the overtaking. If you complete the manoeuvre the cyclist you have overtaken must fall back 10m but if you fail you must fall back 10m. This rule is in place as following in a cyclist’s or cycling pack’s slipstream reduces the effort needed to ride your bike. A drafting rule ensures that the race is safe and equal.

What is registration?

Before you can race on the day you must visit the race registration desk to confirm your attendance and to collect race numbers given to you. Please allow one hour before your race start for registration. After registration you will be allowed to place your equipment in transition. Registration will open at approximately 7am for those in the early swim waves. We will be operating a rolling registration for all events to reduce waiting times before your swim start.

What if the weather’s bad?

The event will still go ahead – we suggest that you keep an eye on the weather forecast and pack for all eventualities: sun cream, hat and waterproof! If the weather becomes so bad that it is dangerous for participants, the triathlon may be cancelled.


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