The event will start at 0900 on Sunday the 30th of August 2015. It is therefore advised that you arrive by 0800 in order to register and rack your bike.

Click here to view the parking arrangements.

The hub of the event will be Bradley Stoke Leisure Centre and will be used as the main information point.

The sports hall will be used for registration purposes and participants must register before racking their bikes. You can drop off any belongings in a bag or back pack in the sports hall and security wrist straps will be attached to your bag with your race number for identification purposes after the race. It is advised to not place any valuables among the items you hand in on race day. Although the personal belongings are under staff surveillance, the Event Organisers cannot be held responsible for any lost items.

Timing chips will also be provided on pool side before the swim and these must be worn around your left ankle.

4 weeks before the race you will be notified which Swim Wave you are in. This is based on the estimated swim time you enter when you register for the event.

There will be an Expo Area outside the leisure centre where there will be “Challenges” set by the fitness instructors from the leisure centre.

SOHO Cafe is located within the leisure centre where you can purchase hot and cold beverages, and any other food items. Outside, there will be a BBQ (weather permitting) with vegetarian options too!

Bradley Stoke Physio will kindly provide free 10 minute sports massages after your race.

There will also be other stalls and gazebos showcasing various sporting products and accessories.

Event Logistics


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